Sleep Series: How to Get to Sleep Once You Have Kids

After you have children, sleep becomes more precious than ever…perhaps because it is difficult to come by. We c...

Let the River Flow – Q & A with Vanessa Atler

Former professional gymnast and now coach Vanessa Atler wrote a children’s book, “Let the River Flow̶...

Limit Setting for Young Children

SHARED by: Keri Young, Director of The Parenting Group It’s not easy being parent, it ...


50% Off Cross Trainers Classes

Receive a 50% discount on Cross Trainers Class for the Fall Semester when you...
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Fall 2016 Registration Begins Monday

We’ve got LOTS in store for you this Fall, including the new http://gym...
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Pajama Week at Gymtime

We’re kicking off the Spring Semester with PJ week! During the week of ...
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