Jess Hayward

Director of Art and PEP

Jessica has worked in the art program at Gymtime for four years. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts and has extensive experience teaching children ranging in ages of 14-months to 13-years-old.

She is an avid supporter that children should have the opportunity to create and express themselves freely. With the belief that children have an inherent need to activate their intellect and curiosity through experimentation, she and her team have established a curriculum of age appropriate and open-ended art & play activities.

“Children understand art. It’s in their DNA to create. Picasso said it best, ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ I’ve lived and worked in the art world for many years, beginning at a young age. I’ve seen how beneficial art is to a child and how they flourishes with a paint brush in their hands. Art gives children a voice.”
— Jessica

Chris Vollaro

Director of Gymnastics and Sports Program

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Director of the Tiny Tot Fitness Program

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Gymnastics Team Director

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Director of Tae Kwon Do Program

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Jessica Hayward

Head Teacher of Art and PEP