Sensory and early movement  program for 6-month-olds to 17-month-olds

Mini Movers is designed to engage parents and caregivers with their babies as they develop from spending time on their tummies to horizontal traveling and eventually to crawling. We introduce easy and fun ways to enhance your child’s growing skills, physical strength and coordination. The gym’s set-up, equipment, toys and instruments are tailored specifically for this age group. 

A variety of sensory stimuli including visual, auditory and balance are introduced to fascinate and delight a baby’s growing sensory interests and processing skills. We get to know each child individually and gently build developmentally appropriate new experiences to meet their needs and nurture their growth through movement.

The set up in the room will incrementally change to present exciting new challenges particularly as it relates to sitting balance, core strength, early eye-hand coordination, and especially crawling. Crawling strengthens the upper body, neck, shoulders and hand muscles. It also supports a cross lateral movement pattern of the body, the maturation of key reflexes and stimulates different areas of the brain important for future development. Reason enough to support crawling while having a great time together!

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate with their infant in a range of musical activities, sensory play and early movement skills. Together we will explore, learn and laugh our way through your child’s earliest movement and sensory accomplishments and ready them for the Tiny Tots program.

“Our daughter joined Gymtime because we just heard what a great program it was and it has lived up to every one of our expectations. The one-on-one attention our daughter received from Melissa and the other helpers at Mini Movers, I believe, is what motivated her to start crawling when she did and she has not stopped moving since. The community Gymtime fosters for the kids, parents, and caregivers is absolutely great and I can’t wait to see what other great experiences she has at Gymtime.”
– Leigh J.

Sept 2022 – June 2023 

6-month-olds to 10-month-olds

Mon 9:30-10:10
Cost: $293 monthly

6-month-olds to 17- month-olds

Class not being offered
Cost: $



6-month-olds to 11-month-olds

Tues 11:05-11:45
Wed 9:30-10:10
Cost: $300 per session

Sept 2023 – June 2024

6-month-olds to 10-month-olds

Cost: $