Students who miss a class and are enrolled in Mini Movers, Tiny Fitness and PEP (14-17 months) receive unlimited make-ups. Students in all other classes are entitled to 3 make-up classes during the Fall and Winter Semester and 2 make-up classes during the Spring and Summer Semester. In addition, make-up classes are offered for days the school is closed.

Make-up classes are not allowed during the first or last week of the semester and are limited to the current session — they cannot be applied to future sessions. We strongly recommend scheduling your make-ups in advance, as we cannot accommodate make-ups if a class is already at full capacity.
Not all of our programs can provide make-up classes. In the instance that a make-up class is not available, Gymtime will offer a substitute class.

Please note: There are NO MAKE-UPS for Summer Breeze Day Camp, Mini Camp, Sports Camp or Gymnastics Camp.

If you have any questions regarding our make-up policy, please speak with our front desk for details.


Prior to the first scheduled class: a refund will be given, less a cancellation fee of $75 per registered child.
Prior to the 3rd scheduled class: a prorated refund will be given, less a $75 cancellation fee per registered child.
After the 3rd class: NO refunds.

We must have written notification of all withdrawals. Credits are not given.
Please note: Summer Breeze Day Camp, Mini-Camp, Sports Camp and Gymnastics Camp are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Upstairs Gym and Mini Gym:To ensure the safety of your child, cell phone usage is prohibited during all classes ages 3-years-old and under. This includes phone calls, text messages, emails and photos. If you would like to take a photo of your child in the facility, please wait until after the class and ask the director to assist you.

Art/Cooking/Music Classes:Cell phones may be used for photos of your child only. Phone calls emails and text messages during class are not allowed.

If you have an emergency and must take a phone call during a class, please remove your child from the class and take the call in the lobby under the stairs.

Videos are prohibited in all classes


Strollers are NOT permitted to be left on the premises of Gymtime Rhythm & Glues at any time. Strollers MUST be taken with you after drop off.


Please speak to our front desk for details.


Please call Gymtime in the case of inclement weather. If NYC public schools are closed, Gymtime will also be closed.

Saturday Classes: If six inches of snow has fallen in Central Park, classes will be closed.

A make-up class will be offered for any class cancelled due to weather. However, there are no refunds or credits given for classes held that are held but missed due to weather.


Younger siblings can come to class as long as they are in a snuggly; no strollers or car seats are permitted in classes. Older siblings are not permitted in the classrooms.


Children and adults should wear washable clothing, especially if the class includes working with art materials. Our art supplies are "washable," however, some do stain in spite of our best efforts. We provide smocks for the children.


All children over 3 years of age should be separated from parent or caregiver.


You can register online, in person or by telephone from 9:00 until 5:00 Monday through Saturday. Payments can be made by check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.