Gym, movement and sign language program for 11-month-olds to 18-month-olds, with adults

It’s never too early to start moving! Sparking a spirit of discovery and adventure in our youngest students, Tiny Tot Fitness is a fun, interactive gym program that stimulates infants’ and toddlers’ early growth and development. Held in our spacious and nurturing Tiny Tot mini gym—recently renovated and designed specifically for this age group—each child learns to move, play and explore through a variety of gently structured movement, gross motor and music activities.

A NYS Certified Early Childhood Teacher and movement professional dance and movement professional who is also certified in sign language instruction, our Tiny Tot director will guide your child as they navigate their way through a fun, custom-built obstacle course designed to stimulate specific skill sets including balance, coordination, cross-lateral skills, basic motor skills, safety and independence.

Sign language instruction is integrated throughout the program, giving you and your preverbal baby a new tool for communication. Circle time with musical instruments, puppets and props entertain children while helping them learn manipulative skills and how to identify and use their hands and bodies.

Each Tiny Tot class is limited to 10 children, with two teachers present at all times. Your child will be placed in the appropriate class level based on their current movement needs, and completing the class prepares them for our Cross Trainers program, which introduces gymnastics education.

“The teachers of the Tiny Tots Fitness program are so caring and personable! The class is always the highlight of our week. It’s so great to see the excitement on my daughter’s face the second she enters the mini gym. Plus, she never wants to leave when it’s over. As an added bonus, I love how my daughter has been learning baby signs each week- I find that invaluable!” 

– Ariel Treiber 

“Both of our boys have taken classes from Melissa. I highly recommend it. She gets them walking and talking! Our older son has a speech delay and she taught sign language to both of them so they can communicate to each other. Also, our younger son is delayed with crawling and she has been amazing motivating him to crawl. Both of them look forward to her classes with unbelievable excitement. We think it is the highlight of their week.” 

– Dr. Garrett Nash and Emrie Foster

“My husband and I found this to be a wonderful opportunity for our granddaughter (now 1 years old) to learn and explore her new motor skills in a safe environment. Circle time at the beginning and end of class encouraged her to sit and follow instructions. Gym time was independent, which allowed her to advance at her own pace. Melissa spent time with each of her students, ensuring that each child is learning the proper way to use each piece of equipment. We found her to be encouraging, yet firm, which gave us the confidence that our granddaughter was safe at all times. Add to this already rich learning experience was Melissa’s use of sign language that encouraged early communications between her and her students before they have a ”voice” of their own. All in all, a great experience for both children and adults.”

– Suzette Martin

“Melissa is amazing  – she excels at what she does with tenderness (which is rare!). My son has learned so much, including signing while having fun. I am so happy that I would recommend her in a heartbeat. “

– Sneha Sinha

Session 1 – June 21st, 2022 – July 14th 2022

Session 2 – July 18th, 2022 – August 11th 2022

11-month-olds to 15-month-olds

Thurs 11:05-11:55
Cost: $285 per session

14-month-olds to 18-month-olds

Cost: $0

Open Gym Club Hours


Sept 2022 – June 2023

11-month-olds to 14-month-olds

Mon 11:05-11:45
Tue 9:30-10:10
Wed 11:05-11:45
Thurs 9:30-10:10
Cost: $293 monthly